Car packages


we offer a wide range of services that you can choose depending on the needs you have.

Basic care


90 R.S

345 R.S/Month

105 R.S

405 R.S/Month

130 R.S

505 R.S/Month

Extra care


115 R.S

445 R.S/Month

125 R.S

485 R.S/Month

150 R.S

585 R.S/Month

Mega care


200 R.S

785 R.S/Month

220 R.S

865 R.S/Month

250 R.S

985 R.S /Month

Ultra Care


299 R.S

1,180 R.S/Month

399 R.S

1,580 R.S/Month

499 R.S

1,980 R.S/Month


Need more?

extra services

Have a specific need for something? Well, we are here to provide.

full stain removal

can be sanctioned for all the different parts of the car.

wax last touch

can be ordered separately

leather special care

essential if you have leather seats or leather seat coverings

engine steam cleaning & polishing

want us to clean your engine? all you have to do is ask!

gift packs

will include an assortment of different items that can help keep your car clean.

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